Expert-level, high security experience, installation and service of:

Access Control and Visitor Management
Intrusion Detection
Integrated Video Surveillance Systems
Panic Devices
Fire and Life Safety Solutions

As a national leader in the security industry, American Technology Integrators (ATI) provides quality security installation and services with an unsurpassed commitment to providing superior solutions to our customers in every sector.


As a preferred provider for the Southeastern region for all types of government facilities and campuses who require the highest protection possible, ATI is the recognized specialist.


ATI offers an expansive selection of security products from intrusion detection and fire protection to  video surveillance and access control. Paired with the expertise to professionally design, install, and service systems for your business, we provide the highest level of security available.


Retailers and restaurant owners rely on ATI to install and maintain high performance, quality systems. We know what it takes to provide the kind of protection needed in servicing and selling to the public.


Hospital emergency rooms and pharmacies need unique, specially designed and engineered solutions for reliable and efficient security. ATI serves some of the most important healthcare facilities in the nation. We proudly offer dependable and effective support to these types of community and government buildings.

Critical Infrastructure

The systems and networks that make up the country’s backbone are commonly unnoticed by their average users. But just one hiccup, glitch, interruption, or delay can cause major outages and vulnerabilities across the nation and affect a myriad of sectors.

ATI has extensive knowledge and experience in assessment, development and implementation of security protocols and protections in these divisions specifically in the emergency services sector of federal infrastructure.  


Financial institutions require expertly designed, advanced security systems. We are the preferred provider for some of the nations largest and most respected banks. 

Committed to Superior Service

We are a technology and security integration company creating unique solutions that fit a wide array of needs in all sorts of applications. We provide 40+ years of industry experience from a team of people with the integrity probably only out done by the pope. We care about the protection of life, assets and interest, as much as we care about our own folks.


We have a passion for doing things right, and to the best of our ability, every time. Our professionalism and customer centric team of experts are great at communicating and setting realistic goals and exceeding them. We work hand in hand with our customers to make sure they are involved and a central part of building the impeccable and vital fit for their facility. We frequently work in all sorts of verticals, and have experts for each. We would love the opportunity to talk to you about your next project, opportunity or prospect.

Atlanta Technology Integrators

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Adam H.

“When no one knows how to do it, call ATI. They can install or fix anything.”
Installation Manager, Atlanta

“Yes, they do that.”
Allen I.

“Extremely customer centric, well organized, and driven to ‘get the job’ done team.”
Area Manager, Southeast Region

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